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How should I care for the wood ?

Quality hardwood flooring is an investment that will last many lifetimes if properly cared for. Because we use quality woods with distinctive color and wood grains, we suggest leaving the wood it’s natural color and applying oils for a finish. 

Depending on your household we can recommend a variety of treatment options for your new hardwood floors and put you in touch with the manufacturer that suppies the finish that you need

Why oils and not polyurethane ?

We do not suggest a polyurethane.  It has a yellowing effect and deters the natural color of the wood. When scratched a poly coated floor will be blemished by a distinctive white scar.  This scar will stay there, with more adding to that one, until the floor must be resanded and another layer of poly put on top.  This becomes a routine with layer upon layer mounting up while the quality of the wood vanishes. 

Oils penetrate into the wood, allowing the natural color of the wood to come through and also protecting the wood.  Any moisture that falls on an oiled floor will bead up, then can be wiped away.  Scratches can be corrected easily.

 What does an oil finish look like ?

Being natural the flooring, paneling, molding, etc. will look natural - no shine - except for what the oil leaves.  What most people would call a dull finish.  If you do not like this look, we can suggest other products to be used on our flooring. If you have additional questions about our flooring please give us a call.

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