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Reclaimed material, True Antique, Salvaged material, Recycled wood, all of these words mean the same to us.   Materials gotten out of old buildings. Buildings that were built around the turn of the century or before, that are now making way for new buildings or the refurbishing of an area.     

Once we have the material in our shop, we resaw the beams into blanks, which we use to make your flooring, moldings, paneling, stair parts, trim, or just leave them for exposed beams in your house.

Reclaimed material has various grades.  Our grades are as follows:

     All 3" face     This material has knots and contains both vertical and flat grain in each board, the length is all 7'.

     Random       This material is random width and length.  Usually three widths (ex. 3", 4", 5"  ex. 3", 5", 7"  ex. 5", 7", 10").   We try to keep this material as wide as we can. It is understood in this business that the customer wants wide flooring.

At this point, let me explain what happens when we saw the beams into blanks (see steps in reclaimed material)LARGE FILE While cutting the beams, a stress fracture may become apparent. Sometimes this crack or fracture, in the wood, is in the center or heart of the beam.   At other times it is (the crack or fracture), located elsewhere in the beam.   These cracks or fractures tells us how wide the blanks or boards will be. If we could, we would leave all of the blanks at the width of the beam. 



With every order of reclaimed material you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.  The Certificate contains information on the original housing of the material (the location, type of building, what the material was use for, and what the material was remilled into).


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Reclaiming material from river bottoms is also an alternative. Long Leaf Heart Pine reclaimed from Southern river bottoms, custom sawed and kiln dried. This material has it's own look and feel in your house.




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